Thursday, 28 February 2013

The blockage in Chapel Lane/ Ducks taking a "Tern"

For some weeks there has been a massive puddle in what was Woolworth's garden section, but now the side entrance to WH Smith.  This lorry was there most of today extracting stuff from the drain.  We had the misfortune to see the lorry/tanker move into Love Lane. It emitted a massive plume of smoke from the top, and I felt some liquid on my face, from a considerable way back from it.  The driver leapt out and looked at it.   Also between the shops and Swags and Tails in Bridge Street some drain cleaners were finding it heavy going getting congealed grease the size of footballs out of the drain there.  The restaurants and cafes in Pinner should hang their heads in shame for putting fat into the drains!

Also I am amazed to note that Subway were closed for a refit, and the shop from the outside looks entirely the same!  

Here is a shot of the lorry in action.  The company here is not very effective!

Today I also noticed how the Seagulls (Terns) looked so happy on the pond, they also give the appearance that they are ducks, they seem to be able to swim just like them.  The young children there seemed to be feeding more seagulls than ducks

I hope that I am correct that these gulls are terns!  If not please use the comments below to correct me


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