Wednesday, 16 January 2013

News and Commentary

Harris and Hoole are at least 59 percent owned by Tesco.  The drinks and food in the Pinner Branch are of excellent quality. Now that the free vouchers have ceased to be valid, will they manage to survive. It is my opinion that their food and drink is too expensive. Come on Harris and Hoole please reduce your prices.

Bella Cafe will be closed all of January hopefully back in Febuary, and I sincerley trust without any price hikes.  Ensure the future of existing cafes and shops before filling Tesco's pockets.

Sainsbury in Pinner still has clog ups at busy times on the tills, here is a recent Saturday Picture of people scrumming for the self service tills

Yesterday I observed this mouldy potato in one of their bags.  The staff may be slipping up?

I do wish people would refrain from fly tipping in the River Pinn - Just off Canon Lane seems to be the haunt of bicycles underwater


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