Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas eve thoughts

Hope that your preparations for Christmas are going well.

Are we all greedy in Pinner? This was the state of play in Sainsbury on Saturday morning, this queue is for the so called self check outs!  I was a much to blame for shopping at this busy time. May I extend my sympathies to Sainsbury staff, and wish them a Happy Christmas.  There is by the way only one day that the shops are shut for.

Talk about dreaming about a White Christmas!  This his how full the usually low River Pinn is looking. Hopefully us living near the River Pinn will be spared a flood.  I can remember floods in the 80s, but thankfully we were not badly affected.

 The Christmas lights in Pinner this year are rather plain, in my opinion - this is a sign of austerity?


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