Thursday, 17 January 2013

Todays's observations and thoughts

We were in the High Street today at about 9.15.  Down the High Street at a rate of knots ran a very fit and muscular looking fox.  Mothers with babies and children in pushchairs seemed afraid of this.  Sadly the fox seemed more afraid of people, and disappeared up the gap next to Tops and Tails on the corner of Bridge Street and High Street.

The Picture below is not mine but this is a likeness from the worldwide web

This batch of pictures were taken before the snowy and cold phase of weather - they are feature Nower Hill, and houses with some intresting decorative tiles, on a par with those in Northwod.  Also at the end of this set of pictures, you can see Pinner Church coming out of it's refurbishment.  I am not too keen on the light stone that it now has, but hopefull the weather will sort that out in time.  Pinner is a lovely place to love, get out on foot and discover it!


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