Friday, 16 November 2012

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Sainsbury's in Pinner are in the process of reorganising the store. It seems to me that they are fitting in sections of Christmas gifts.  I also noted on Thursday that they had a small do it yourself section.  Who wants to buy paint and brushes etc on the run up to Christmas. More disappointing it that their £1 1% fat milk is no longer on display in the 4 pint size. This means I have to buy the semi skimmed 4 pints at £1.18. A tip if you find the self check out's irritating. There is the symbol of a loudspeaker at the bottom left of the screen. Touch this and a red X comes up. This mutes the sound and makes the self check out much easier to use. Also if you scan your Nectar card before the goods, it will accept it.  I find if you select it at the end before paying it will not accept it. Update as at 18th November - the £1 four pints is back on the shelves - someone at Sainsbury's must read the blog?  The aisles have now also got clothes for sale in them. Mr Sainsbury we need a food store in Pinner not a department store!

Bella Cafe in Bridge Street has new management and is expanding its menu. The atmosphere there is still very friendly and quick.

Harris and Hoole have been building their latest coffee outlet in Bridge Street.  They have put hoardings right out on the pavement. Is this legal?  They were making a terrible drilling noise a week or so back. The Rickmansworth Branch is also being built, and an equal amount of noise is emanating from this.

New illuminated signs are appearing on road islands in Pinner. Possibly easier to view on a yellow background.


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