Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow and the front comes off Bella Cafe

 Harrow and the Snow - my opinion

I rang up Harrow Council today and found out that they were not collecting our brown kitchen and garden waste bins this week.  This seems sensible in so much as they used the men to clear the backlog caused by Monday's snow.

The side roads in Pinner and Harrow are icy and slippery, the council has a policy that they only grit pavements in shopping areas and subways.  Old or young a fall on ice or snow can be fatal.  Harrow is going to have to do more for its 2% extra council tax.  Such a mean administration, I used to live in Hillingdon borough, and they have not increased the council tax for some years now.

I was going to Lidl today and by pure chance passed a rather dishevelled looking Bella Cafe in Bridge Street, I took the picture below. It will be interesting to see the new cafe frontage when it is installed.


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