Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pinner observations

Horrendous increase of 2% on Harrow Council Tax, I wish that I had stayed in Hillingdon!  A lovely letter in the Pinner Observer today suggesting that the finance director only cut cut cut!   I am horrified to find that one of the cuts is in graffiti removal. I sincerely trust that they will put some effort into preventing it appearing in the first place.

I am amazed that the council have not proscuted people for littering railings in Bridge Street with notices. Mind you Harrow would never manage to provide us with a community noticeboard for free posting.

In the park today I saw a drunk sitting in the Peace Garden, he was drinking white cider, and had a packet of Lidl Prawns underneath the bench.  He was very polite however, but it would not have been such a pleasant experience for a young child or mother.  Where are the police during the daytime?

Good to see now that the church has emerged clean from behind all the hoardings - it looks brand new! Sorry that the picture is a bit blurred, I did not realise that I had taken the white balance off!

Bella Cafe is no more!   Caffe Fratelli is on its way, here you see the men fitting the new shop front. Let's hpe the prices do not go up!   The coffee wars are on.  The small CK cafe in Bridge Street should hang its head in shame they do not have any Earl Grey Tea!

Forget the horse meat scandal.  Sainsbury were marketing live pigeon on top of their vegetable display cabinets.  The manager and staff were slow to react to suggestions that they should get rid of the vermin.
This cat seems to have a strange affection for cars in the car park in Pinner. It spent some time rubbing its head and nose on the bumper and exhaust pipe.

Here is Memorial Park in the old days!
-Well actually here is the same shot in colour - taken today
Take some time out to say hello to the budgerigars that are in the park - there are some with amazing colours there - give them some time they would love to see you!

The dustmen did a good job this time, they did the collections in spite of the snow - thanks to one and all there!

Don't forget to pick up your free copy of the Pinner News - a fabulous A5 freebie!

Our local blockbuster is in the hands of the receivers, will it close soon.............................???

Give our local fish and chip shop support - they sell some of the biggest fish I have ever seen!  They do a small fish and chips much cheaper at lunch time. The guys there are very friendly and have a sense of humour.

The pedestrian crossing near to Swags and Tails, the curtain and blind shop, is in need of re-marking and resurfacing.  Come on Tfl get on with it please!  If it is left too long, one of us will fall down the cracks that are appearing in the road/crossing.


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