Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring in Pinner - or not?

Evidence on the pond in the Memorial Park is that Spring has sprung.  A mosiac of nature's algae has been formed by the sunshine (the full effects for us ruined by the cold wind)

If you look at it now, it probably will have been cleared, as rain is forecast.  I wonder if the ghost of Heath Robinson has arranged this pretty pattern?

We have our own 7 day a week party in Pinner.  Seriously though a great place for cards, and everything to do with parties.  They also sell beer and wine.

Why do people leave shopping trolleys in the car park?  Mind you it does keep two men a job of work to do!

Here is an unfortunate sight, a glazing company fitting totally inappropriate windows to this property in Marsh Road shops.  
Finally spring blossom in Memorial Park


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