Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Local Pictorial Commentary

Even though it has been cold we have had two lovely sunny days, it makes everything seem so much more cheerful.

To start off, a young lady in a state of undress in Bridge Street Gardens.  Seriously though I hope she will be reunited with her young owner.

Easter holidays are currently underway, the parks and streets are full of children.  Happy Easter one and all.

A sad sight, this dog was left tethered to a tree, it was barking and distressed. When I first saw it, another dog was trying to mount it, I commented to its owner that it had got things wrong. It was putting itself over the poor tethered dog's mouth!   The owner eventually came out, and I commented how cruel she was leaving it there.  She said her children were in Daisy's Cafe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no excuse - look after your pets please.

Finally some daffs to cheer things up!


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