Thursday, 13 June 2013

Daisy's and animals all over Pinner Memorial Park

A few weeks ago we saw sheep and other farm animals in the Memorial Park.  They also appear at the Ruislip Duck Pond events

I am a little behind in posting these pictures ...................................

Homeflair to close

The local diy shop is due to close due to the lease coming to an end.  I am told through the grape line that the landlord charges a lot to rent shops in that parade in Marsh Road.  The nail shop is reported to be charged around £16,000 a year, mind you I should not listen to gossip!

George Pub due for demolition .................................stop it!

I noticed a week or so back that the George Pub in Pinner has had a company plate fixed to the main entrance.  It is so upsetting to see that a pub which has real history, starting as a pub owned by Salters Brewery in Rickmansworth, destined for a pile of rubble.  My wife and I used to use the pub's Saloon bar in the 70s, we visited it as a reward on a Friday, having done the housework between us.

This Company is listed as below.....................................

If you have any idea why this pub should not be demolished, or that we do not need another office in Pinner, please send your objections to Harrow Planning!  Pubs or public buildings not Offices!

Croft Partners (Pinner) LLP


9,992 GBP
Included as part of current assets, cash refers to the amount held in current or deposit bank accounts.


56,305 GBP
Also known as net asset value, book value can give a rough indication of a company's net worth.


572,725 GBP
Any amount owed by a company to other agents that must be paid within one year of the date on the balance sheet.


15,170 GBP
Also known as circulating or floating assets, current assets constantly change from cash to goods and back again.
Croft Partners (Pinner) LLPEdit details
Company Number: OC335123
Company Type: Other
SIC Code: —
Inc. Date: 27 Feb 2008
Annual Returns: 08 Mar 2013
Annual Accounts: 31 Mar 2012
Last Updated: 26 Mar 2013

Registered Address

930 High Road
N12 9RT
United Kingdom

Trading Address

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930 High Road
N12 9RT