Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Film crew in Pinner today - Stephen Hawking Film in progress!

We were walking towards Pinner Memorial Park today when we noticed the height restriction barrier had been lifted.  To our surprise we saw a film crew set up in the car park, but no evidence of any filming going on. Still not sure if it was for a film or television programme.

Found out today the 10th that they were indeed making a film, scheduled for release in 2015, about the life of Stephen Hawking and his wife.  IMDB site has scant details 

Here are pictures taken in the car park

We later discovered that the tv or film crew were filming in Pinner Parish Church at the top of the High Street.

I did not get an opportunity to speak to the crew when taking the pictures. It appeared that they were shooting inside and the lighting was there to simulate sunlight.  We could hear a choir singing inside.

Here are pictures of the action (non action!) at the church today


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