Monday, 9 September 2013

Many things

Harrow council are absolutely useless when it comes to getting things done. They have a contact centre called Public Realm. One simple request a a few months ago keeps going round in circles. Public Realm say they deal with enquiries by phone first and email when they have time! They do not automatically acknowledge emails like some councils do, the email goes into a void. I complained on the phone a week or so ago and the contact assistant said she was "Sending and email to the department about this"! I asked if she could speak to the official, and blow me down with a feather she said that they were not allowed to!

A few weeks ago I walked back from some friends down the lovely High Street. It was a mess that the manypubs and restaurants had generated. I put some bottles in the bin as I passed.  Surely the council could go round on a Sunday and tidy things up. Or will the people who enjoy our pubs and restaurants please behave themselves and take their rubbish with them!

 We were treated to a French, or European Market this Saturday. The cheese counter generates a shocking aroma. I appreciate that some may find it very interesting, but why can't the traders charge some down to earth prices? Do we really need a market in Bridge Street, do we really care?

One place in Pinner High Street that they cannot knock down is the Flower Shop in the High Street, abandoned and sealed by the landlord.   So sad to see Pinner shops going down the pan.  Please support your local shops!

Our local library will soon be run by a contractor - let's hope that his will lead to some improvements.


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