Monday, 23 September 2013

Spitting feathers under the bridge near Pinner Station

I have noticed for some time that the council have neglected cleaning up the railings and pavement under the bridge by Pinner Station. This is on both sides.  The dried up droppings and feathers on the pavement and railings are a terrible eyesore, and health risk.

Has the council been negligent or is it Transport for London that need to make sure Pigeons cannot roost under the bridge?

Overall feral pigeons, not wood pigeons, need to be eradicated from buildings in Bridge Street and bridges over Chapel Lane, and the bridge near the station.

Clear this mess up, it is being trodden into trains and peoples homes................... we are at risk, and we do not deserve such messy streets!

 It is even on the railings - total and utter negligence by Harrow Council and or/TFL


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