Friday, 29 November 2013

Pantomime Evening

Yesterday evening I popped out at 7.30pm to get some bits from Sainsbury, also to get some chips on the way home.

I had forgotten that it was the evening of the Pinner Pantomime shopping experience.

The High Street was crowded, there was a roundabout and food stalls there. The morris dancers gathered a superb crowd, but blocked the way to supermarket.  Gibbs Gillespie and Andrew Pearce were heaving under the weight of non house buyers jostling for free wine, etc.

Earlier in the day I took this picture of the window display in the Cancer Research Shop in Bridge Street.

I have just learnt that the Cancer Research Shop exhibit was not judged by the Pinner Pantomime Judges, It seems that charity shops have to stump up £60 entrance and then if they are not around when the judge arrives do not get included in the competition.  There are meanies in the Pinner Pantomime organisers!

Thankfully it was a dry evening, and it finished with a grand firework display.  I tried to get some pictures of it, but by the time I got batteries for my main camera, it had finished.


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