Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bibs and Bobs

I dislike the posters displayed on the bridge over the River Pinn in Bridge street.  Why cannot Harrow Council provide a noticeboard for these to be displayed properly. Some are for local charities, but I do object to ones encouraging people to learn how to be entrepreneurs etc.

Hot news is the Cafe Fratelli is going to change its name to Cafe Amici or something like that at the start of August.  We hopefully will look forward to non corporate and individual snacks and meals there.  Same owner but he says things will be much better.
Here is a recent poster on the Bridge, it looks like someone wants you to paint your pet, but actually it is an advert for someone who will sketch and colour a loving image of your pooch. Surely this belongs on an advertising board in a shop?
Shocked to see how tatty Marsh Food and Wine looks with its shutters down. The graffiti artists do not help

George Pub final knockings

It is really sad to see the void that has been left now that the George Pub has been finally been demolished.

Here are some pictures I took before it disappeared.

RIP the George Pub, first started off as a pub selling beer brewed by Salters of Rickmansworth.

The bricks were saved by the demolition team, so they will no doubt be used in repairing older properties with similar brick or building something new!

Friday, 5 July 2013

By George, its coming down, and Homeflair is closed

Sadly the George Pub demolition is under way.  Such a sad event, and loss to Pinner's architectural past.  I am not sure that if housing is provided there it will be affordable, a crime.  Having said that the last time I drank in there was 1975. It was also held in great affection by a lovely man who now has sadly passed away.

Just before the demolition kicked off on Thursday of  this week I managed to take these shots through the windows on a sunny day. Here also are  pictures of the demolition operation taken today, and on Thursday when they were putting up the scaffolding and screening.  Also a long shot of the Homeflair shop. The manage there who was not the cheeriest of fellows was inside today packing up stock for transfer to their Ruislip Store.  I wonder who will take over the shop?  It would be great if Wetherspoon's turned it into one of their pubs.